"Highly recommend this place! My 14 yr old son hunted with Whitetail Heaven Outfitters and just returned a few days ago! My husband went and sit along with him. Both were blown away by the people, the food, the lodge, and impressed by my son’s hunt. He didn’t get a "monster” but he did get a 5 point and memories to have for a lifetime and an experience he will never forget. One thing you have to understand, there is no guarantee with these hunts and you have to be open to that, no animals tagged for you and no fences! My husband said talking to everyone (the staff and others that were hunting)at Central Lodge, especially Ty, was like talking to good buddies he had known his whole life. He said the amount of deer and turkey movement was phenomenal, our son just never got a good shot at a bigger buck and that is to be expected no matter where you hunt. Our son’s hunt was guided by ty. My husband said he is amazing at his job! You have to be patient, pay attention and listen to his tips and advice. They both have plans of returning for a hunt together. If you are looking for memories, a down home experience, good times, the thrill of the hunt and the chance at a successful hunt, this place and these guys are definitely for you!!!"

Tiffany Lawrence 11/29/19

"Great place me and my son Hunter had a blast the last 2 years at the turkey competition...if you have that drive to have great fellowship and a drive to be the best this place will give you a 100 percent chance..we wanted to stay that last night at the central lodge to rest and get a good meal before the long drive back to Missouri so I called and asked if they had room for us..we went the the rewards dinner the last night there..we where wore slick after 5 straight days of the chance to be champions...we where a little short both years but we got birds every time we where there..my son is a killer he always gets big ol gobblers..the chance is there but u still have to use your hunting skills to be successful..Best thing to do is go try whitetail heaven outfitters...A+ outfit and guides..."

David Clark 1/22/19

"I definitely took advantage of the open door policy for members. I spent a lot of time in the North Lodge this season. The guides and cooks was all great and accommodating. Elliott, Dak, Dawson, Blake, Josh and Santos all became friends and done everything they could to make it happen. Those big bucks didn't get big from being dumb. I can't thank them enough for working and trying to get one to cooperate. There's no way you'll walk away from that lodge hungry."

Bradley Davidson 12/24/19

"We are here now and I couldn’t wait to share! This place is amazing and the staff is spot on. They make you feel like your at your own house....better!! Brought son in law here for a 3 day but already see becoming a member is where it’s at! Tevis you the man and this is 1st class Country all the way. Food is amazing"

Danny Riggs 1/3/20

"2008 was my first trip to Whitetail Heaven for the late muzzle loader season. I am probably what is known as an average Joe, but if I tell you something you can take it to the bank. My hunt lasted one day and  I took a 138 eight pointer.  In years ahead they might think I am a relative or something, as I will be back. The people are honest, down to earth, no shuck and jive, the food rivals a five-star restaurant, and those deer are something to write home about. If you want integrity and honesty, give Tevis a call and book a hunt.  Just leave at least one slot open for me!"

Jerry Garrett Jonesville, VA

"What else can I say? Three years and three monster bucks. My 2006, 2007 and 2008 hunts with Whitetail Heaven Outfitters are hunts that I won’t soon forget. World class accommodations, great people, beautiful scenery and, most importantly, 3 big bucks in three years. In 2006 I shot a 170 inch gross 15 pt non-typical that dressed out near 300 lbs.  In 2007 I was fortunate to harvest a 200 inch gross scored 16 pt non-typical and in 2008 I connected on another Kentucky bruiser, a 153 inch 10 pointer. Kentucky is hot right now and has ranked in the top five states for Boone & Crockett bucks for the last decade. If you want an opportunity to harvest that deer of a lifetime, give Tevis from Whitetail Heaven Outfitters a call."

Gary Helmuth, Scottsville, VA

"Our trip to Whitetail Heaven was great. The lodge and the deer hunt were great, but the kindness and the friendship in the owners and the employees was beyond expectation. Whitetail Heaven is an outstanding business and what they advertise is the truth. This was our first time there and we have already booked for next year.So if you're looking for a hunting trip in Kentucky, please visit Whitetail Heaven."

Roger Elliott & Jamie Elliott, Blue Ridge, GA 

This is a top notch facility!! I just recently returned from the late season muzzleloader hunt with the biggest buck I've ever shot. My guide was wonderful and put me on this deer the first morning of my hunt. He always took the time to make sure we had everything we needed during our hunts and at the lodge. The lodge was beautiful and the food was great. Everyone was so friendly, I couldn't have asked for anymore. I would highly recommend Whitetail Heaven Outfitters. I can't wait to go back! 
Julie French 12/30/15

With a career in outdoor television production for 20 years, I can honestly express I have been very blesses to have hunted & filmed in some amazing whitetail destination's across the US, Canada and Mexico. My travels have included filming with great outdoor shows such as North American Whitetail Television, Realtree and Hunters Specialties. In the fall of 2015, I traveled to Nicholasville, Kentucky, to hunt with Whitetail Heaven Outfitters. The lodging, food and hunting was amazing! This service is at the top of a very short list of the best whitetail hunting locations I have personally visited over those 20 years of filming!
Mike Clerkin, North American Whitetail Television 1/21/16 

I've hunted with several hunters throughout the mid-west and southeast and I have found nothing comparable to Whitetail Heaven. The owners, Tevis and Hannah McCauley, provide an outstanding experience .... whether it be in the field, lodge accommodations or at the dining table. I've hunted the past two late-season muzzleloader hunts, and yesterday I booked my third consecutive spring turkey hunt. This past December, I took a very nice 142" eight point, and I've bagged three gobblers the past two springs. The guides are well experienced, pleasant and very, very accommodating. Needless to say, I plan on returning often.
Jim Zamberlan 1/9/16

As we travel across the country, we are always looking for great whitetail destinations. Whitetail Heaven Outfitters has everything that the serious hunter is looking for, whether it is giant bucks or a top notch lodge, you can rest assured that your experience will be one that will last a lifetime. It is definitely at the top of our list and we can't wait to return year after year.
Brad Biddle, Field Producer for North American Whitetail Television 1/20/16

I had another incredible experience at Whitetail Heaven Outfitters with some of the best hunting of my life! Although I did not get a deer, it was not for lack of game or places to hunt.  With 25,000 acres of some of the most beautiful country, it makes Kentucky second to none for a chance at a free range trophy whitetail ! I saw countless number of deer and turkey, and passed several borderline shooters with the video to prove it, many of which were good deer anywhere with two big boys I just couldn't get a shot at. Tevis and crew go above and beyond to make your stay everything you want it to be. Highly recommended to anyone! The anticipation for next year's hunt is killing me!
George Krevatas 12/2/15

In my search for a reputable outfitter, I landed at Whitetail Heaven. I thought to myself, the reviews and trail cam pictures are almost too good to be true. But from the moment we first arrived up until the minute we left, there was nothing but first class everything, food, hospitality, and hunting. The lodge is very nice and the food is excellent. The guides/Tevis's staff go above and beyond to make your experience the best. We ended up harvesting a very nice 10 point buck and couldn't be happier. Is it a 100% guarantee you will shoot a buck, no. They can't control the weather or the deer, but I have no doubt the properties they hunt have been well managed over years and that is what it takes to have mature whitetail deer. Bottom line is, great lodge, super food, top notch guides and some of the best managed whitetail properties. Do yourself a favor, call Tevis book your hunt and start getting ready for a trip you will never forget. We will definitely be back next year.

Brett S. 10/13/15

Whitetail Heaven is the real deal! I've been hunting with them for 5 years now and will keep coming back as long as I'm able. I have been fortunate enough to kill a 200” buck and just today I killed a 170” 8 point with a 7” drop tine. Awesome experience with great people, food, and the best hunting around!

Kelby Goodwin 11/16/15

If you want the chance at a truly world class whitetail buck, Whitetail Heaven is where I'd put my money. Food and accommodations are second to none and the owners and staff make you feel like family. I've already booked for 2016. 
Mac Hubbard 11/15/15

I just got back from my first trophy whitetail hunt and I was fortunate enough to get a very nice buck. The experience of the hunt, the quality of the accommodations and the great food make me want to go back next year.
Andra Jones 11/22/15

I have been hunting with these guys for over 12 years and I will continue to go back every year. I can't say enough about this place to do it justice. The people, food, lodging, and the hunting are all first class. I have taken several nice deer over the years and my daughter has taken 2 deer there as well in the last 2 years. It is hunting and getting a deer is never guaranteed, but these guys work real hard to make sure you have every opportunity to be successful. They manage their deer very well and the deer taken seem to get bigger every year. I am looking forward to my next hunt there this fall.
Steven Jones 9/14/15

This is the place for big free range whitetails and awesome turkey hunting these guys are 1st class.  We've been going for 5 years now. Tevis and his guides are trying hard the entire time to please the hunter and the food and lodging is great too!! Can't wait to see what this November holds!!!
Chad McCranie 9/24/15

Awesome bucks great accommodations!!! Amazing hunting!!!! Thanks Whitetail Heaven for the buck of my life!!
Shay Ware 11/15/15